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 Premier Plumbing is pleased to offer the following drainage and plumbing services. Contact us for a quote.

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We have experience with all toilet makes and models and are here to assist with all toilet installations and repairs – from resolving leaking toilets and repairing toilet fill valves and flappers to unclogging blocked toilet drains and more.


A backflow preventer is essential if you want to protect your basement against flooding. Government rebates are available for backflow valve installations. Ask us for a free quote.



We specialize in repairing, replacing and upgrading water tanks for homes and offices, whether they’re run on natural gas, propane or electricity. Looking for an energy-efficient solution? Talk to us about plumbing services for on-demand water heaters, now a popular choice thanks to their eco-friendly benefits.


Premier Plumbing can assist with shower valve and drain installation, shower head replacement, bath tub spout and diverter repair, cartridge replacement, shower pan installation and shower door installation.



An effective drainage system ensures a free flow and helps to prevent the accumulation of water, which can lead to flooding and pools of unhealthy, stagnant water. We provide camera inspections to diagnose drainage issues, and specialize in blocked drains, leaking drains, and complete drain replacement.



The cost of leaving a faulty faucet in disrepair indefinitely is substantially higher than the cost of fixing it. We specialize in installs and repairs to bathroom, kitchen and outdoor faucets. Whether you need a replacement cartridge, a loose faucet tightened, a leaking faucet fixed or a frost-free faucet installed in your garden, we can help


We install full plumbing and drain systems for renovations as well as new builds for residential homes, high-rise developments, offices, restaurants, schools and more.



Water lines undergo significant pressure, making wear and tear inevitable. Contact us for assistance with frozen water lines, main water line replacements and upgrades, water main repairs, replacement of main water valves and water meter installation.



A sump pump helps maintain a dry environment, which in turn helps to protect your property against moisture damage caused by mold and mildew. Trust Premier Plumbing services to assist with sump pump installations, replacements and upgrades.