From the bath and laundry tub through to the kitchen sink, faucets undergo significant daily wear and tear. As a result, cracks often form in the seals that are supposed to prevent water from escaping. Enter the leaking faucet. A leaking faucet can release 10 or so liters of water every day in drips alone. In addition to this being a waste of a valuable resource, it’s a waste of money that you’ll see reflected in your water bill.

Over time, the cost of leaving a leaky, creaky, or otherwise faulty faucet in disrepair can be substantially higher than the cost of fixing or replacing it. At Premier Plumbing we specialize in installs and repairs to bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor faucets for residential and commercial properties. Whether you need a replacement cartridge, a loose faucet tightened, a leaking faucet fixed or a frost-free faucet installed in your garden, we can help.